If you have a car to sell, just trade it in at Griffin Lincoln Fort Atkinson. We make it easy for drivers to sell off their current cars. Before you know it, you’ll have an offer for your trade-in and you’ll be getting ready to finance a new Lincoln model!

Why Trade In Your Car?

Trading in your car is just the easiest way to get money for it. Have you ever sold a car on your own? You have to take out ads and meet with many drivers, many of whom will just end up wasting your time by not being serious about buying. Then you have to deal with people who try to negotiate your price down.

Skip all of that hassle and just get a fair offer from our Lincoln dealership! We can give you a rough estimate of what your car is worth before you even visit us. Just go online and use our “value your trade-in” tool to get an idea of how much you can expect to receive for your current car.

Our Online Shopping Tools

We also offer other online shopping tools. You can apply for financing right through our website, so you can get pre-approved before you even visit our dealership. We also offer a credit estimator, which could help you figure out what kind of financing offers you can qualify for.

These tools and our trade-in process are all designed to make it easier to budget for a new car and get a fair price for your current vehicle. Don’t mess around with selling a car on your own. Just trade it in to our dealers!

Visit our Lincoln dealership serving Janesville, WI and learn more about the trade-in process, our new Lincoln models, and your financing options. We look forward to assisting you!