The luxury cars available here at Griffin Lincoln Fort Atkinson offer plenty of useful technology, but one feature we really love is the Lincoln “Phone as a Key” feature. This tech, found on select Lincoln cars, makes unlocking your vehicle as simple as unlocking your smartphone.

How it Works

The Phone as a Key feature uses Bluetooth® technology. The same wireless tech that allows you to stream music or safely make hands-free phone calls in your vehicle can also allow your phone to unlock your vehicle. You just have to put your hand on the door handle with your smartphone nearby, but that’s not all that this tech can do.

The Lincoln Way app also allows your smartphone to remotely start your vehicle. You can control the liftgate as well, so you can load up with cargo even if your key fob isn’t with you. Just use the kick sensor under the liftgate while your smartphone is nearby, and it will open right up for you. The Phone as a Key technology is convenient and incredibly easy to use.

Which Models Offer It

This technology can be found on multiple Lincoln models. The 2021 Lincoln Navigator comes standard with it. You’ll really appreciate how this tech allows you to easily open up the rear cargo area and take advantage of all of that space this SUV has to offer.

The Phone as a Key feature is also available on the 2021 Lincoln Aviator and 2021 Lincoln Corsair. The 2020 versions of all three of these models are all available with this technology as well.

So if you’re looking for a technologically advanced luxury car that offers convenience and unique features, visit our Lincoln car dealership near Janesville, WI. We’ll help you find a vehicle that gives you the tech that you need!