We all love that new car smell, but there are some great reasons to buy a pre-owned vehicle. At Griffin Lincoln Fort Atkinson our Lincoln pre-owned selection is sure to impress, and if you’ve never thought about buying a pre-owned vehicle before you should consider it for these reasons.

More Car for Your Money

When you buy a pre-owned Lincoln you can often get more car for your money. Because new cars depreciate in value, a vehicle that’s a few years old can be significantly less expensive. You might be able to afford trim levels and options packages you couldn’t before. You may even be able to purchase a different model entirely.

A Great Alternative to Leasing

Many drivers lease to get more luxurious cars for their money since lease payments are often less expensive than loan payments. Leases come with certain clauses though, such as limitations on customization and mileage limits, that might make buying pre-owned a preferable alternative.

A Wide Variety of Available Models

You might be surprised at the variety offered by our pre-owned selection. There are cars and crossovers from different model years, in different trim levels, with different available options. You don’t have to build a new car from scratch to get everything you want from a luxury car.

Modern Cars are Built to Last

A pre-owned Lincoln car still has a long life ahead of it, even if there are a few thousand miles on the odometer. Modern cars are built to cruise well past 100,000 miles with proper care, and the experts at our Lincoln service center will be glad to help with that!

Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln Cars

If you’re worried about reliability, there are also certified pre-owned Lincoln cars to consider. These aren’t just any pre-owned vehicles. They’ve passed a comprehensive inspection and meet the Lincoln brand’s highest standards, and they come with extra perks like roadside assistance.

So visit our Lincoln dealers and take a closer look at our pre-owned luxury car selection today. Our knowledgeable staff members are ready to answer all of your questions and we’ll make sure that you drive away in the perfect Lincoln car!