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Even drivers who’ve been behind the wheel for years are sometimes stymied when they’re asked what some common car parts do. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to explain what some parts are and what they’re responsible for.

Here are some car parts you’ll probably hear about often and the purpose of each one:


Your car’s radiator is basically a heat exchanger that aims to prevent your vehicle’s engine from overheating. When hot coolant makes its way through the radiator, the passing air will remove heat from the liquid. In general, it’s wise to make an appointment to bring your automobile into our Fort Atkinson, WI Lincoln service center for a coolant check once or twice per year.


A vehicle’s battery is single-handedly responsible for starting its engine and supplying power to its electrical components. To avoid being stranded in your driveway or a parking lot when you least expect it, you should have your battery tested at least once per year especially if your battery is three years-old or older.


Your automobile’s tailpipe is what transports exhaust fumes generated by the catalytic converter or muffler to the back of your car where they’re released into the air outside your vehicle. If you want to give your car a sportier appearance or a throatier growl, visit our Lincoln parts center near Janesville, WI to see if your vehicle is eligible for an upgraded tailpipe.

To learn more about some common car parts and their functions, contact or visit Griffin Lincoln Fort Atkinson today!