We’re thrilled that drivers visit our Fort Atkinson, WI Lincoln dealership when they’re in the market for new Lincoln cars. While we’re always happy to help someone buy or lease a new luxury vehicle, we’re equally happy to service automobiles.  

Replacing brake pads is something we do regularly in our Lincoln service center. Unfortunately, some motorists don’t know when they should replace their brake pads and they wait too long to have it done. When that happens, a vehicle’s rotors can become damaged, which is quite expensive to repair.  

Luckily, brakes often show warning signs when their pads need to be replaced. Squealing or screeching are sure-fire signs that your wheels need new brake pads. While you don’t need new brake pads immediately after hearing these sounds, you shouldn’t wait too long to make an appointment or bring your vehicle into our Lincoln service center near Janesville, WI. If the high-pitch noise turns into grinding or growling, you should definitely bring in your car as soon as possible, and for extra reassurance, it’s best to avoid driving your car in the meantime.  

Another sign that you should replace your brake pads is your brake pedal vibrating or feeling spongy when you step on it. Does your car pull to one side when you step on the brake pedal? If so, your brake pads may be wearing unevenly. When that happens, it’s time for you to replace all your brake pads to prevent undue stress on other components like your ball joints.  

If you’ve noticed any of the signs indicated above, head over to Griffin Lincoln Fort Atkinson today.