Summer days are full of sunshine, which everybody loves. The heat, not so much. Heat can put extreme pressure on your Lincoln vehicle, but you can still beat the heat with these easy tips.

At Griffin Lincoln Fort Atkinson, we want to make sure that your summer driving is cool and comfortable, so we’re sharing some important tips to keep your vehicle performing all summer long.

Maintain Critical Components

Ensure your car keeps performing by inspecting and maintaining critical components. Our friendly and knowledgeable Lincoln service center staff is here to help. You can bring your Lincoln car into our shop so we can inspect your air conditioning system, test your battery, and check coolant levels. This quick check-up can keep your car running cool so that you’re not left with an overheated vehicle.

Protect Your Vehicle from the Sun’s Rays

The heat can actually damage your car in several ways, so it’s a good idea to protect it whenever possible. Ideally, you want to park in garages or covered spaces. This way the heat doesn’t impact your car’s exterior or interior. Keeping it cool means it won’t feel like an oven when you open the door. As an alternative, look for shady areas. The inside of your car can reach dangerous temperature levels very quickly.

On days with no rain in the forecast, crack your windows to keep air circulating. You may also opt to use a sun shade or visor as a way to block the sun’s rays.

Make sure you beat the heat this summer by keeping your car in top shape. Schedule an appointment today with your local Fort Atkinson Lincoln dealership to make sure everything’s in proper working order.