Whether you are planning to buy a new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus or Lincoln MKZ, you have the assistance you need at Griffin Lincoln Fort Atkinson. We have a team ready to help with all your buying or leasing questions, including coverage options like gap insurance. Many people have heard about gap insurance, but they are not quite sure what it is, let alone whether they need it or not. We have put together some information to help explain it for you.

When you finance your vehicle, the chances are high that you end up owing more than the vehicle is worth. If you get into a car accident and your vehicle is totaled, or if it is stolen, your insurance company will only give you what they deem to be the fair market price.

Gap insurance helps cover the difference between what you owe and what the vehicle is worth. Without gap insurance, you could find yourself in a situation where you end up owing payments on a vehicle you are unable to drive anymore. This type of coverage generally only costs a few extra dollars per month, and you have the ability to cancel once you no longer need it.

If you are still unsure about gap insurance, we have a team of professionals at our Fort Atkinson, WI Lincoln dealer location who are ready to help. We invite you to come by, take a few Lincoln models out for a test drive, and talk with our Lincoln finance team about your ability to buy or lease.

Griffin Lincoln Fort Atkinson is conveniently located at 1642 Janesville Avenue in Fort Atkinson, WI. If you have questions regarding financing or want more information regarding gap insurance, you can give us a call at (888) 690-7317.